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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Quick On, online meat services are a licensed meat retail shop and respects your privacy in all the contexts. We provide our complete privacy policies on the website. As a responsible buyer and visitor, you must go through them prior to making a choice. We are also open to your opinions and queries.

By accepting the visit to our site, you agree to the assortment and utilization of your personal data. You name, contact, address and email-id might be collected from you. It is a voluntarily process of registration for the required details while ordering.

We also make use of your personal information by sending you promotional offers and to get in touch with you in case of any circumstances like contests. In contradictory, Quick On might use this information in cases of breach, violation, or to take action against any illegal activities.

The transactional data is encrypted and it is reached to selected officials who need to know in order to proceed with the ordering and payment windows. By reading this privacy policy, you agree that Quick On is not responsible for any kind of internet breach and leak due to illegal activities by third parties.

To conclude with the privacy policies, we would like to mention that it could be updated and altered at any given time. Any changes will be immediately effective once posted on the site.